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Partners and Clients

Through the belief that the sum of collaboration is far greater then the individual parts, Ewe Sana Marketing and Communications partners and works with a myriad of different companies and organisations to enable it to remain relevant. Without these relationships, our business would mirror a God without any believers. We are therefore appreciative of the various companies which we work with, and more importantly, the relationships we have with the individuals which make up these companies.

Some of our partners and clients include:
KFC, SABMiller, Pick ‘n Pay, KZN DEDT, Cutie and Cute, Florida Park Hotel, KPMG, MMF Projects, PeopleActiv, Megatasks, Ngalo & Adams, Quality Designs, Brand Iron, Brand Central Designs, Lifestyle Junction and Makho Communications amongst others.

We are also registered with COMENSA as a Practitioner Member.